Because Life Is Better at the Beach!

Shore Goods is a unique blend of nautical antiques + vintage salvage, locally handcrafted gifts, DIY craft supplies, + seashells. All inspired by the beautiful coastal Floridian climate. Open since 1997, it has been our ultimate mission to provide our customers with a distinctive and unique shopping experience with an ever-changing array of offerings. We appreciate our customers taking the time to visit us and realize they have choices. We strive to make the time they spend with us extraordinary.

Our constantly changing assortment of nautical + vintage items may include glass net floats, crates, lamps, ship's wheels, oars, buoys, flags, baskets, books, textiles, clocks + cameras. We travel whenever + wherever to curate the unique menagerie of found treasure. It's been said that the best time to buy an antique is when you see it. We completely agree. The vast majority of our items are one-of-a-kind.

We offer locally handmade gifts created by Marco Island + Naples artisans. The wide variety of merchandise- from jewelry to home decor- allows us to celebrate + support our local friends. It allows our customers to purchase goods that truly reflect this lovely island paradise + to feel good that their dollars are staying within the community.

For anyone who has ever collected a seashell from the beach, we also offer a full line of craft supplies that can turn your beach treasures into do-it-yourself works of art. From glassware to paper art supplies we stock the supplies you rarely find at massive, commercial hobby stores. Our in-house experts are always ready to answer any of your questions + provide the confidence needed to get started.

And even though we all know that life is better at the beach, we also carry a wide selection of shells + sea life. For those unable to sink their toes in the sand, we stock shells + sea life both indigenous to Marco Island + from afar. We have seashells for crafts + home decor. For the serious collector, we offer beautiful specimen shells both rare + unusual.